Chiara is wearing a white gi and a black belt and barefoot (her nickname is the ninja barefoot) she is making a kata praticing in a kind of dojo when receives a message giving her the mission to eliminate guards protecting an important usb key. She leaves in a separate room and changes. She comes out dressed in her ninja outfit, full black gi barefoot and masked face, ready to start her new "ninja barefoot mission" against the rival organization... Chiara moves and infiltrates into the rival's organizazion turf to rescue the usb drive with all the secret informations: She is really perfect for this mission becasue "ninja barefoot" perfectly knows that all the guards and the boss of the rival organization are all twins and all have a strong foot fetishism so she will not have even to them to lick and kiss her feet and sucks her toes before definitly "go out of the scenes" THIS VIDEO IS JUST AMAZING, A REAL BLAST FOR ALL YOU MARTIAL ARTS FOOT FETISH GUYS! Duration: 18 minutes
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